Financial Investigation

Turn your bank and credit card statements into Excel® worksheets, ready for analysis

What makes us better?

  • Software that works with any bank statement (without pre-built templates) and turns it into a reconciled Excel® worksheet.
  • A powerful OCR engine tuned to process financial transactions with maximum accuracy.
  • Works with scanned documents, copies of scanned documents and copies of copies of scanned documents.



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Two men investigation financial fraud with Excelerate Technology's Financial Investigation Toolkit
Excelerate Technology's Financial Investigation Toolkit has a universal interface that allows for easy use

Universal Interface

You don’t need a separate template for each of the 5,260 banks in the United States. The Financial Investigation Toolkit can accept scanned or electronic documents from any bank, credit card or brokerage statement.

Excelerate Technology's Financial Investigation Toolkit has a reputation of providing accurate and efficient analysis everytime

Accurate and Efficient

The OCR engine processes only pages with relevant data and exports the output directly to Excel®. It easily accommodates the idiosyncrasies of the different transaction layouts of U.S. bank statements, especially local and regional banks.

Excelerate Technology's Financial Investigation Toolkit is simple to use

Simple To Use

The user interface is highly intuitive and easy to learn. A set of built-in tools makes it simple for anyone to master the input process, typically in less than an hour, with minimal training.


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Automatically Read Statements

OCR-ready software scans bank, credit card & brokerage documents into Excel®.

Analyze in Minutes

Quickly analyze bank transactions, reducing your analysis time from days and weeks to minutes.


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