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Our software is used by public and private companies, law enforcement professionals in the United States, as well as global regulatory agencies, forensic accountants, private individuals, and investigators.


All data is stored locally on your workstation or server. All processing is done locally. Nothing is done in the cloud. You are always in possession and control of your own data. Our software is HIPAA and privacy compliant.


We have no “per page” charges. We license our software on an annual basis. You can choose to purchase a workstation license, a multi-user server license or a plan that meets your budget.

Financial Investigation Tool Kit

Universal Interface

You don’t need a separate template for each of the 5,260 banks in the United States. The Financial Investigation Toolkit can accept scanned or electronic documents from any bank, credit card or brokerage statement.

Simple To Use

The user interface is highly intuitive and easy to learn. A set of built-in tools makes it simple for anyone to master the input process, typically in less than an hour, with minimal training.

Accurate and Efficient

The OCR engine processes only pages with relevant data and exports the output directly to Excel. It easily accommodates the idiosyncrasies of the different transaction layouts of U.S. bank statements, especially local and regional banks.

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Financial Analysis Tool Bar

Familiar Excel® Interface

The Financial Analysis Toolbar is an Excel Add-on. If you can use Excel, you can use this tool. It works within Excel so you can still access all of Excel’s features and functions.

Customer Driven

The Financial Analysis Toolbar is continuously enhanced based on feedback from customers. New reports are added regularly in response to our customers’ requests.

Built For Investigators

The Financial Analysis Toolbar is targeted to financial investigators. Throughout our 16 year history, the only industry served has been fighting economic crimes.

read any bank statement

Our Financial Investigation Toolkit can accept scanned or electronic documents from any bank, credit card or brokerage statement and turn it into a usable Excel document. It does not require 5000 different templates and is completely universal.

Analyze Years of Data In Minutes

Our Financial Analysis Toolbar is an Excel add-in that allows you to quickly analyze bank transactions & perform complicated analysis in minutes.

Available for Law Enforcement, Govt Agencies, private individuals, and Private Sector Companies!

Whether compiling financial statements for importing into quickbooks, preparing for a financial audit using our Pay-Per-Use service; or using the Financial Tool Kit and Financial Tool Bar as part of your investigation tool box for divorce asset discovery, child support asset discovery, or in a number of other corporate financial audit scenarios. You will see Excelerate Technology’s Tool Kit and Tool Bar are the #1 Tools when it comes to compiling any bank statement or document needed for discovery of financial transactions.

Outsource To Us!

Don’t drown in bank statements! We offer a pay-as-you-go service to OCR any bank statements and create Excel worksheets and highlight important information.

  • No Cloud
  • Very Secure
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • 20+ Years Working with Financial Fraud Cases

Save Time and increase investigation efficiency

The Financial Investigation Tool Kit takes sorting through transactions and audits of financial data to a whole new level, by scanning and processing hundreds of pages and thousands of transactions in minutes. Allowing investigators to cut investigation times by up to 90%.


71% Decrease in investigation hours


90% Increase IN investigative efficiency

Our software Targets any type of paper or electronic statement:

  • Financial Bank and card Statements
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
  • Personal Asset Discovery
  • Cellular Phone Records

On the left you see some areas that the Financial Investigation Tool Kit and Financial Analysis Toolbar can be used to compile, analyze, and output data from multiple source documents; paper and electronic. The universal interface allows the software to collect and compile any statement from any institution or organization. Find patterns in cellular data, filter and find patterns in transactions on statements from different sources, and find potential hidden assets.

Some of the Agencies and Institutions that use our software.

State of Michigan Attorney General  Collier County Sheriff's Office


What Types of Businesses and agencies Do you Work With?
Excelerate Technology works with small and large organizations of both public and private origins. Accountants, Attorneys, Fraud Investigators, Private Individuals, Health Care Claims Investigators, Medicare Fraud Control Units, and Law Enforcement Agencies at all levels from Cities to Federal.
Do You Offer Training and support?
Training and support is included free of charge with the purchase of our software and is easily scheduled by contacting us by phone or via email.
What type of documents can the software work with?
The Financial Investigation Toolkit can compile information from any paper or electronic financial document. Bank statement, credit card statement, insurance claim forms, and paper financial registers are just a few of the forms this software tool can work with.
Does your software require custom templates to function?
Because the software uses proprietary grid recognition technology, it is able to process any statement without the need for custom templates. You may save templates for specific types of statements but the software works very well without them.

The FAQ answers to the left are some of the most common questions Excelerate Technology is asked by potential customers. We are happy to answer any additional questions you have and we love giving demonstrations!

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My company was having a huge book keeping crisis and running out of time to fix it. We needed to completely reconstruct our books going back 3 years. I thought it was hopeless until I found Barbara with Excelerate Technology.

I searched online and found other tools I could buy to do it myself but that would have taken me weeks, and with all the work I had on my plate would have never accomplished this daunting task. After speaking with Barbara she not only assured me she could do exactly what I needed within days! She even reconciles everything to assure everything is completely accurate! What a life saver!!! I highly recommend Barbara’s services, especially bookkeepers who deal with piles of bank statements from their clients or business owners like myself.

Let Barbara save you time and stress!


Comfortable Home Furnished Apts, LLC

"I used the software last week and found it to be very user friendly. I managed to accomplish several days’ worth of work in a few hours, so I was very happy. No snags."

Heather Nichols, Collier County Sheriff’s Office

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Excelerate Technology

Provides software that allows you to scan, convert, and analyze any document that has columns and rows. The software integrates with Excel providing a robust set of tools for analysis of financial and other types of repetitive data allowing you to compile and search incredible amounts of data in a shorter amount of time.

Our Software Works For:

Law Enforcement at all Levels
Public and Private Investigation Entities
Private Individuals
Litigation Attorneys
Health Care Fraud Investigators
Medicare Fraud Investigators
and many others